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solar energy system Edmonton home

Working From Home and The Advantages of Solar Energy Systems

06 October, 2020Comments (0)

With the Pandemic in its second wave, the work from home movement has lead to an increase in electricity consumption for many homeowners.

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider installing a solar energy system on the roof of your home or garage to offset your electrical consumption.

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edmonton solar contractor - residential project summer 2020

Residential Solar Panel Installation Project

09 September, 2020Comments (0)

BLDG recently installed 7.2kW of solar on a client’s roof in Edmonton. The goal was simple. The client wished to offset their entire electrical consumption, as well as future proof their home for potential electric vehicle charging.

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FLO CoRe+ Level 2 EV Charger Installation Project

FLO CoRe+ Level 2 EV Charger Installation Project

26 August, 2020Comments (0)

BLDG recently installed a FLO CoRe+ Level 2 EV Charger for a Western Road and Bridge Building Company in Edmonton. This versatile EV charger is Canadian made to withstand our harsh climate. It’s durable aluminum casing is NEMA 4x rated and it is certified to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 C.

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tesla home ev charger installation edmonton

Tesla Home Car Charger Installation

14 July, 2020Comments (0)

BLDG Electric was recently tapped to handle a tricky installation for a Tesla Home Charger for a beautiful Model Y. The problem: his existing main 100 amp electrical service would not be able to handle the addition of the new EV charger. Making matters more challenging, upgrading his electrical service to 200 amps would require thousands, along with excavation of his and city property. 

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Residential Solar Panel Installation Edmonton | Net Zero Passive House

Residential Solar Installation Project for one of Edmonton’s only Net Zero Passive House

27 January, 2020Comments (0)

Project: Residential Solar Panel Installation

Client: Edmonton Homeowner

Description: Bldg gets the unique opportunity to install Solar Power solutions for a Net Zero Passive House in Edmonton.

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Top Tenant Improvements for 2020 

Top Tenant Improvements for 2020 

27 December, 2019Comments (0)

Tenant improvements relate to upgrades made to commercial buildings to accommodate the needs of occupants in addition to municipal, provincial, and federal requirements.

Here’s what we think are the top 4 trends in tenant improvements for commercial buildings in Edmonton Alberta

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Building Automation Services and Controls Installation - Distech Case Study

Building Automation Services for Commercial Construction Company

12 December, 2019Comments (0)

Project: Distech Controls Installation

Client: Carmacks Enterprises Edmonton

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building automation services - Distech Controls EC-BOS-8 - Applications + Features + Benefits

Distech Controls EC-BOS-8 - Applications + Features + Benefits

26 November, 2019Comments (0)

Building Automation Controls - EC-BOS-8 Overview Including Applications, Features, and Benefits for Edmonton Alberta Buildings

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Smart LED Lighting for Residential Use in Edmonton AB

Smart LED Lighting for Residential Use - Illuminating the Possibilities

12 November, 2019Comments (0)

5 Reasons Why Edmonton Homeowners and Residential Property Managers Are Switching to Automated LED Lighting Systems

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Leviton Smart Load Center Edmonton Alberta

Why Switch to the Leviton Smart Load Center

23 October, 2019Comments (0)

Why contractors and developers are switching to the Leviton Smart Load Center to help Edmonton homeowners better manage electrical use

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