Electrical Preventative Maintenance and IR Spectroscopy Services

Electrical preventative maintenance is usually an overlooked aspect of building maintenance. For the most part, after installation and inspection, the electrical systems in a building are left to run day in and day out until a device fails. Changing environmental factors, cold flow, vibration, wear and tear, or even a loose or missed connection can lead to unsafe conditions in your electrical system. This can lead to issues like nuisance tripping of breakers, downtime of important machinery, arcing or even a fire. 

BLDG Electric designs and performs individual maintenance programs for their specific site requirements. From visual inspection of electrical loads and connections to thermal imaging and annual report generation, we can perform a variety of tasks that will minimize lost time and maintain a safe electrical system within your building.

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Our trained electricians work in all environments. Ask us how we can help with electrical preventative maintenance for your site.

Preventative Maintenance Services

A properly implemented electrical preventative maintenance EPM program can prevent expensive after-hours emergencies, reduce overall costs and prevent situations which cause down time. Our standard site review process and EPM services cover:  

  • Thermal imaging reports 
  • Equipment inspection switchgear, circuit breakers, transformers, switches 
  • Data logging

Our clients have found great value in the thermal imaging reports as we can accurately identify issues before they become visually or physically apparent. Once an area of concern has been identified, the client can take action to remove the hazard and has a safe and operational system.  The repair of the system can be scheduled at an appropriate time, reducing or eliminating equipment downtime and loss of revenue.  

Let us help you design an electrical preventative maintenance program that will work with your needs and bring your electrical infrastructure up to peak performance.

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