Automated Shades, Controls and Lighting for Upscale Interiors

BLDG Electric is excited to offer the luxury line of automated home products including Window Treatments, Lighting and Controls. Whether it’s a new home build, renovation or electrical upgrade, we guide homeowners through product, fabric and materials selection, including custom engraving of switches, and install their fully automated shading and lighting system. 

Automated Shades, Controls and Lighting for Upscale Interiors

About The Lutron Luxury Portfolio

Founded in 1961 by Joel Spira, inventor of the first solid-state dimmer, Lutron has grown into a leader in lighting and shading control systems. Lutron excels in combining high-end design with advanced technology, offering a seamless and sophisticated experience in managing lighting, shading, and other environmental controls. 

The Lutron luxury portfolio is beautiful, bespoke, and intuitive. Lutron allows homeowners to create their own unique lighting experience that can be synchronized with the time of day or whatever mood they want to create. The shading systems are whisper quiet, and the controls are hand-crafted. 

From project planning to installation, we promise to deliver the lighting, shading and controls that create a completely unique interior lighting experience. 

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Our certified electricians are experts at customizing automatic shades, lighting and controls by Lutron.

Palladiom Shading System

The Palladiom Shading System is designed for the most refined residences, featuring state-of-the-art technology and ultra-quiet operation. Offered as either a wired system or a wire-free, battery-operated option, these shades are stunning from every perspective. 

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Sivoia QS Shading System

Sivoia QS offers homeowners comprehensive light management, effortlessly combining natural and artificial lighting in one streamlined system that is ultra-quiet and available with thousands of fabrics and materials.

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Alisse Controls

Alisse are hand-crafted wall-mounted controls that deliver an uncompromising blend of timeless design and human-centred technology. Their slim profile complements the aesthetic of any room without being obtrusive.

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Palladiom Controls

Palladiom Controls have clean, precision-crafted lines that redefine the architectural keypad. Large backlit buttons with custom engraving to feel intuitive in any space.

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RadioRA3 Controls

RadioRA 3 system is ideal for those looking for a sophisticated, reliable, and user-friendly solution for managing lighting and shading. It delivers comfort and energy efficiency and can be customised to fit any interior design.

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Homeworks QSX

Homeworks brings together your lighting and shading into one system.  Set schedules, adjust levels, and link with other systems like Google Home,, Control4 all through the available Lutron app.

Features and Benefits of Lutron Luxury Portfolio

Design + Advanced Technology

Lutron products feature meticulous craftsmanship and a beautiful materials catalogue that makes it easy to modernize upscale interiors and accent the interior design with a touch of elegance. Lutron products integrate cutting-edge technology to provide smooth, reliable, and intuitive operation. Features like wireless connectivity, app-based controls, and voice integration add convenience and flexibility to the user experience.

Quiet Operation + Personalization

Shading systems are designed for near-silent operation, contributing to a peaceful and unobtrusive environment, ideal for luxury settings where quietness is valued. Homeowners can personalize their lighting and shading systems to their specific preferences. From fabric choices and hardware finishes to personalized keypad engraving, the level of customization is almost endless.

Integration, Scalability + Energy Efficiency 

Lutron Luxury products can be seamlessly integrated with other smart home systems, creating a unified control ecosystem. This scalability makes them suitable for various settings, from single rooms to entire homes or offices. Lutron places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, incorporating features like daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and smart scheduling to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.

After fully installing automated window treatments and lighting systems, we teach our customers to use the controls immediately and provide them with an easy-to-follow user guide so they can quickly master their new system.  

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