A home cannot be considered a modern home if it still has manual blinds. It’s up there with rotary phones and cast iron radiators. Consequently, homeowners seeking an efficiency upgrade to manipulate natural light may look towards motorized blinds for windows. If you’re among them, you might be tempted to run to the nearest Home Depot, Lowes, or Rona to comb their inventories. We suggest that you put more thought into your purchase. After all, it is an investment not just in window coverings but in occupant quality of life. Read ahead for insight into what features you need to look for when making your decision. 

Motorized Blinds for Windows Edmonton Alberta Kelowna BC

5 Most Important Features Owners of Modern Homes in Western Canada Require from their Investment in Motorized Blinds

I. Aesthetic Appeal

You’ve put a lot of thought into the interior design and decor of your home. Your selection of motorized blinds should, at minimum complement the aesthetic of each room, if not enhance it.

One brand that luxury homeowners from Northern Alberta (Edmonton, etc.) to the BC Southern Interior (Kelowna, etc.) trust to protect and magnify elegance is Lutron’s Sivoia QS Triathlon line of window shading solutions.  

Sivoia QS Triathlon motorized wood blinds appeal to the visual senses not just in texture but in the wealth of available finish options. Finish options for these motorized blinds include the following: 

Motorized Blinds for Windows Edmonton Alberta Kelowna BC - Colors

In addition to the 18 different finishes, the blinds come in two distinguishing valance (“top off”) options; Easton and Morgan.

Motorized Blinds for Windows Edmonton Alberta Kelowna BC - Valance

II.  Custom Configuration 

The ability to manipulate natural light is the key function of motorized blinds. Optimized natural light sets the desired mood within a room but also affects privacy and temperature and reduces reliance on artificial lighting systems. The latter two most certainly impact energy expenditure.

App-enabled (more on this below) Lutron blinds empower household occupants with the ability to automatically tilt blinds to preset angles from dawn to dusk to diffuse direct sunlight and maximize comfortable daylight in any space. Lutron offers dynamic configurability so that presets can be adjusted to account for changes in the sun’s position through the four seasons.

Smart Controls

Sometimes you will desire to preset your motorized blinds so that you don’t have to think about them for a while. This is especially true when the household takes a vacation and wants the blinds to open and close to create the appearance that someone is home. However, you also want to adjust lighting when inspiration strikes. Whether you want to wake your sleepy teenager with a blast of sunlight or dim the setting for a cozy curl-up on the sofa, you can do so with web-enabled Lutron wall controls, handheld remotes, and from your smartphone. 

motorized blinds for windows_edmonton alberta kelowna bc - remote


You demand longevity in two senses of the word. For one, you need to know that your investment in motorized blinds for windows needn’t be made again within a few years. You’ll be pleased to know that Lutron blinds have been designed and manufactured to last. For instance, their wood blinds are hand-crafted from North American basswood to ensure quality and longevity. This feature is also to credit for the fact that Lutron wood blind slats always align across multiple blinds on the same wall, creating a uniform look that also protects against damage.

The other consideration regarding longevity is in regard to how often homeowners need to change the battery. Battery-powered blinds are preferred by those who desire a minimalist look over a wired version. Lutron battery-powered blinds come with a Battery Boost option to extend battery life up to 7 years.

Motorized but Muted

The word “motorized” incites anticipation of noise, but this is not the case with Lutron blinds. Lutron’s best-in-class technology has created a system that offers ultra-quiet motion when blinds are opened and closed. Occupant ears won’t pick up a thing. 

Motorized Blinds for Windows Edmonton Alberta Kelowna BC - Evening

Professional Installation

The thought of installing motorized blinds on your own is daunting, and the thought of hiring a Home Depot, Lowes, or Rona (etc.) serviceperson is also not appealing. Instead, consider only premium motorized blinds recommended and installed by residential energy efficiency experts. 

If your property is located in Edmonton, Northern Alberta, and the eastern region of the BC Interior (Vernon, Kelowna, etc.), you can rely upon BLDG Electric. We can assist with system selection, installation, and post-installation custom configuration, and will be there for you for follow-up service if needed. Call us at (780) 328-6491 or email info@bldgelectric.com to ask about motorized blinds for the windows of your soon-to-be fully modernized home. 

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