BLDG Electric is proud to be an authorized dealer of Lutron home and electrical products, including the RadioRA 3 advanced lighting control solution. 

The RadioRA 3 system by Lutron is an advanced lighting control solution designed to offer enhanced convenience, customization, and efficiency in managing lighting and shading in both residential and commercial settings. 

RadioRA 3 by Lutron

RadioRA 3 Controls

RadioRA 3 by Lutron features Clear Connect RF Technology for reliable, interference-free wireless communication, simplifying installation and allowing flexible device placement. The system is highly scalable and integrates seamlessly with other smart home systems, enhancing user control over the environment through multiple interfaces like mobile apps and voice commands. In addition, it incorporates energy-efficient features such as occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting while offering aesthetically pleasing controllers that can be customized to fit any interior design. 

We also install custom Home Automation Solutions and lighting by Lutron. Control your home, strata building or condo apartment from the palm of your hand.

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RadioRA 3 Features and Benefits

 RadioRA3 Features and Benefits Wireless Technology 

Wireless Tech 

RadioRA 3 utilizes Lutron’s reliable ClearConnect RF Technology, which ensures robust, interference-free communication between components. This wireless approach simplifies installation and allows for flexible placement of devices without the need for extensive wiring.


scalability for indoor and outdoor lighting, security and more



The system is highly scalable and suitable for a range of applications, from single rooms to entire buildings. It can be expanded and customized according to a space’s specific needs.




RadioRA 3 seamlessly integrates with other smart home systems and devices, including voice assistants and third-party home automation systems, providing users with a unified control experience over their home environment. Control of the Sivoia Triathlon or Palladiom Wire Free Shading system is built-in!


RadioRA 3 - engraving for ease of operation


Custom Engraving

Custom engraved text personalizes each control and ensures the keypads are intuitive for homeowners and guests.



radiora 3 mobile apps


Control Options

Users can control the system via wall-mounted keypads, mobile apps, remote controls, or voice commands, offering multiple convenient ways to adjust settings according to personal preferences or activities.



RadioRA 3 helps reduce energy consumption


Energy Efficiency

With features like occupancy / vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and scheduled scenes, RadioRA 3 helps reduce energy consumption by ensuring lights and shades operate only when needed and can operate automatically by schedule to turn lights on and off or open and close automated shades.


customizable wall switches


Aesthetic Options

The system includes stylishly designed controllers and accessories that can be customized to match the interior décor, offering not just functionality but also enhancing the space’s aesthetic appeal.



RadioRA 3 Product Suite   

  • SUNNATA Keypads
  • SUNNATA Dimmers
  • SUNNATA Switches
  • Outdoor Plug
  • All-in-One Processor
  • Lumaris Tape Light
  • Lutron App
  • Pico Remotes
  • Sensors
  • RF Modules 
    Compatible RA2 Controls
  • Architectural White AWH 
  • Matte Black BL

Add RadioRA 3 To Your Home

We work closely with homeowners to select, customise, and install RadioRA 3 controls along with Lighting and Shading Systems that provide the mood you want from sunrise to sunset. Select the materials and custom products you want, and get seamless integration with your security systems, HVAC systems, and home automation controls.  

After installation, we teach our customers to use the controls immediately and provide them with an easy-to-follow user guide so they can quickly master their new system.

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