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As part of our commercial electrical services in Edmonton, BLDG Electric installs, customizes and modernizes  Building Automation Systems or Building Management Systems (BAS or BMS). Based on our customer’s needs, we program a system that’s easy to use and is setup to ensure that critical building equipment operates efficiently.  BAS systems can look and function like a simple thermostat and control rooftop units. Alternatively, we can deliver a completely integrated system that includes HVAC, power, lighting, solar PV, access controls, and security systems or any variation in between.  

Old building with no tech? Newer building with aging tech?  No problem! Our BAS installations are performed with an open programming language. The open programming language enables communication between legacy and newer systems, and enables future compatibility with new technologies or different equipment brands when you are ready to upgrade.  Furthermore, our BAS provides quick and clear reporting (email alerts or system alerts) so that building operators can repair equipment before the tenants are even aware HVAC equipment has malfunctioned.

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Need a retrofit? We will customize your Building Automation System so that your property runs like new.

Modern Building Automation Services with Distech Controls

To keep everything easy to use, we create a graphical user interface (GUI) to allow the building managers, owners, and even tenants to navigate between systems and subsystems to evaluate performance.  GUIs are also programmed for scheduling, historical trends, and alarms. GUIs can be accessed on the terminal in the building maintenance office, or through any internet-connected device.  

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As part of our end to end Building Automation Services, we provide: 

• System Retrofits or Renovations 
• Software updates and maintenance 
• Retrofits for pneumatic systems 
• Systems Integrations 

We are a supplier of Distech Controls in the Alberta and Northern Canada regions. We have all of the tools and parts to provide you with the full scope of Design-Build, Bid-Spec, Service, and Retrofit projects. At the end of every project, we review the work completed with our customers to provide any necessary user training, review safety and confirm quality assurance. 

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Case Study: BLDG Electric provides an energy audit and a solution using automated controls by Distech that would provide up to 40% energy savings.

We were pleased to help Carmacks Enterprises during the Fall of 2019 by programming and installing this unique controller by Distech. For this project, we created a plug timer controller for our client’s fleet of snowplows. 

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Distech Controls - Features + Benefits for Building Automation Services

5 reasons why property owners and managers demand Distech Controls for better building automation in Edmonton, AB

Building automation is no longer considered a luxury as occupants and tenants have come to expect the comforts, efficiencies, savings, and security that it affords. View more on why building automation is a necessary investment in 2020 and beyond. 

Of course, given the fact that you’re searching for information about Distech Controls, a leader in building automation solutions, you already understand the importance. Below is how you can optimize your facility with Distech Controls and with BLDG Electric you can Build Better.

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Benefits To Implementing Building Automation Controls

Key Benefits of Building Automation System for Edmonton Properties

By definition, a building automation system (BAS) is a term representing the automatic centralized control of a property’s HVAC, lighting, and other electrical systems. The adoption for BAS has increased as an answer to solve segmented contracting models that leave property owners and managers with a poorly woven web of disconnected networks. Simply put, BAS is a preferred alternative to inefficient piecemeal solutions, especially here in Edmonton where energy efficiency has become priority one. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the direct benefits of implementing automation controls for your multi-residential, commercial, or industrial space.

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Distech Controls EC-BOS-8 - Applications + Features + Benefits

Building Automation Services - EC-BOS-8 Overview Including Applications, Features, and Benefits for Edmonton Alberta Buildings 

Distech Controls is an industry leader in intelligent building solutions. Among their products is the EC-BOS-8, an access control solution that offers integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management capabilities. Armed with web connectivity and functionality, the EC-BOS-8 streams useful data and graphical representations to a standard browser remotely over the internet or through an Ethernet or wireless LAN. 

Building owners and property managers in Edmonton Alberta are leveraging the power of Distech Controls’ cutting edge building management solution. Here is how EC-BOS-8 delivers better performance, a positive return on investment, and greater overall satisfaction.