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BLDG’s core specialty is Solar Panel installation and maintenance for commercial applications. Based in Edmonton, BLDG offers an all-in-one service for solar product procurement, power management and commercial controls automation. Edmonton and the surrounding municipalities generate solar renewable energy at some of the lowest rates in Canada. At BLDG, we help you select the ideal solar system for your building and optimize its performance, so you get all of the energy you need while dramatically lowering your energy bill.

We guarantee that your solar power system will work at its best all year round, from project planning and product selection to installation and maintenance.

Commercial Solar Panel Products We Install
Commercial Solar Panel Installation Edmonton

We install all types of Solar Panel products, including JA Solar, LG Solar, Q CELLS, Panasonic,  and more, to help you manage your budget and energy goals. We also work with Solar Edge Power Optimizers to maximize the energy output of each solar module and help you see your solar system’s performance in real-time.

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Solar Panel Installation for Commercial and Condo Buildings

We work directly with our clients to select the solar panels that will provide the greatest energy output and efficiency based on the building’s size, layout, dimensions, location and current energy consumption.

Solar Panel Installation for Commercial and Condos Edmonton

From there, we select and customize a solar PV array that:

  • delivers reliable energy to your property
  • complies with provincial and federal regulations
  • syncs perfectly with your electricity provider
  • leads to substantial cost savings immediately

At the end of every installation, we make it easy for customers to monitor the performance of their PV array and provide easy-to-follow maintenance tips for ideal year-round energy production.  


Solar Rebates and Incentives for Edmonton Businesses and Commercial Properties 2023 Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator

For commercial landowners and businesses that want to leverage the economic incentives of Solar Panel Installation, the team at BLDG has provided a full breakdown of all Solar Incentive programs in Canada and Alberta. This includes Edmonton’s Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator (BERA) rebate program and Building Energy Benchmarking (BEB) program, Clean Energy Improvement (CEI) program, Alberta’s Energy Savings for Business program, Distributed Renewable Energy Generation Protocol program (Agricultural Carbon Offsets) and more. 

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How Do I Take Advantage of the Greener Homes Grant Before It’s Too Late?

Commercial Solar System Education

Learn how to qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Grant in Edmonton Alberta.

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Residential Solar Installation Project for one of Edmonton’s only Net Zero Passive House

Solar Power Installation

BLDG had the unique opportunity to work with an Edmonton homeowner to install Solar Power, as part of a Net Zero home build. We installed 30kW of LG 400W solar panels capable of generating 37500kWh annually. 

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Why is Solar Power a great match in Edmonton? 

Alberta is one of the best provinces in Canada for PV microgeneration. Alberta’s year round climate features a lot of sunny conditions which is of course ideal for solar production. Edmonton in particular receives a whopping 2400 hrs of yearly sunshine.  

When installed correctly, PV Arrays require little maintenance and can provide dramatic energy savings every month. What’s more, the federal and municipal government currently provide attractive rebates for solar power adoption. 

Federal Government Solar Rebates

City of Edmonton Solar Rebates


We have broad experience installing and maintaining commercial solar panels along with essential building controls automation. While we are based in Edmonton, we can serve the surrounding municipalities such as St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan and more. On every project, BLDG provides:

  • Meticulous installation work is covered by a 3-year warranty on labour
  • A fully insured electrical construction crew
  • Cost competitive services
  • Yearly maintenance agreements 
  • Power management solutions such as Building Controls Automation

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