The number of electric vehicle (EV) owners in Edmonton is skyrocketing into 2023 and beyond. A recent survey by the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) has found that 96% of EV owners in the province would buy another one in a heartbeat. Not only is everyone coming to terms with the economic and environmental benefits over gas-powered vehicles, but they are also quickly realizing that criticisms curdling from the mouths of naysayers are unfounded. This recent article from the Edmonton Journal dismissing winter driving performance concerns for EVs is just one example. 

As a result, your household is on board and has either purchased/leased an EV or is planning to do so soon. Of course, you don’t intend to charge the vehicle at the nearest mall or other public facilities regularly. Instead, you want the accessibility of an EV charger in your carport or garage. It’s a wise investment that pays dividends in convenience and cost efficiency. However, before you shop for an EV charger installation quote in Edmonton, we encourage you to consider a few essential things. Let’s review.

3 Things to Consider When Qualifying Quotes to Install an Electric Vehicle Charger at Your Edmonton AB Home

Appropriate to Your EV Make and Model

Logically, it is important for your EV charger’s features to accommodate the make and model of your EV, or the vehicle’s battery life can be compromised. This will certainly factor into your quote. Therefore, only work with an installer who specializes in a vast array of EVs that Edmonton drivers have access to. A general cost range for a typical EV charging station installation is between $1,000 to $3,000, but be sure to attain estimates for any of the following that apply to your household’s needs:

Get quote for Audi EV charger
Get quote for BMW EV charger
Get quote for Chevy EV charger
Get quote for Ford EV charger
Get quote for Hyundai EV charger
Get quote for KIA EV charger
Get quote for Mercedes EQ EV charger
Get quote for Polestar EV charger
Get quote for Porsche EV charger
Get quote for Rivian EV charger
Get quote for Tesla EV charger
Get quote for Volkswagen EV charger
Get quote for Volvo EV charger
Other? Contact BLDG Electric

If when qualifying quotes, a candidate installer’s website doesn’t indicate specialization in the above EV models, you’re looking at the wrong candidate.

Does Your Home Need a Load Management System?

It is common for households to purchase or take on a long-term lease for an EV and then look to install a Level 2 charger (most logical option for homes) on their residential property. It doesn’t take long for them to discover that their house doesn’t have enough electrical capacity to install a Level 2 charger. Fret not because a load management system can fill the void. 

In simple terms, a load management system monitor’s the home’s main electrical service and will allow the EV to charge when there is available capacity on the service. It focuses on reducing energy usage during peak demands and shifts the charging session to when energy is less expensive or when energy is more available. 

This is what sets BLDG Electric apart from others in Edmonton. We perform a load calculation on your home and consider your current electrical provisions along with the make/model (as per above) of your EV and will customize your load manager solution accordingly. And it may indeed vary. For example, a Porsche load manager is unique because it monitors the mains and dynamically communicates how much power is available with the EV charger. Meanwhile, we may combine the power of a Leviton Smart Load Center with an EV Load Manager to adequately support a solar-powered home as was completed with this recent project.

Access to Available Rebates and Other Incentive Programs

A quote for premium EV charger installation becomes less financially “consequential” when you have access to rebates and other financial incentive programs. While you may be familiar with those that apply to towards the purchase of qualifying EV (if not, click here), some incentives apply to residential EV charger installation. Like with all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal incentive programs, timing is everything as funds run out and new ones are initiated soon after. Review currently available rebates and incentives, and consider these savings when mulling over your EV charger installation quote. Edmonton residents are often pleasantly surprised that they may recoup a significant amount of their investment, even if indirectly so. 

Get a quote today, or let BLDG Electric know if you have any additional questions. We’re here to help! Call 780.328.6491 or email us at

3 things to consider when qualifying quotes to install an electric vehicle charger at your Edmonton AB home, from BLDG Electric.

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