EvoCharge Level 2 Charger installation

Whether BLDG is working on a Net Zero construction project, EV or Solar installation, our specialty is to deliver effective custom power solutions in the trickiest environments. Recently we were asked to install a Level 2 that could be used by two vehicles in the future.  We went with the EvoCharge unit that would serve a Toyota RAV4 Prime (PHEV) for now and 2nd vehicle in the future. EV Charger installations for residential homes tend to be less complex, but this project was definitely unique. 

4 Unique Project Features:

Charger Location: The client’s garage was space limited and he wanted to be able to easily charge a 2nd vehicle in the future with the same charger so we came up with the idea of installing the charger on the ceiling.  

Charging Cable Management: This was also managed from above. We installed a cord reel which extended down when in use and recoiled neatly back in its reel when done. 

Installation of a new Leviton Smart Load Center: The challenge with this residential home was that it didn’t have enough space for a Level 2 charger and they needed a large solar array. We selected the Leviton Smart Load Center along with an EV Load Manager which we knew could adequately support the new energy coming from solar, as well as the needs of the EV charger. 

Leviton Smart Features: The Leviton panel features a Wi-Fi connection which allows the client to see how much power the main breaker is drawing at any time. We also installed some additional Smart Breakers remotely control and monitor power consumption for a few other breakers he deemed crucial.

EvoCharge Level 2 Charger and Solar Installation for Edmonton Residential Home
The EVO level 2 charger was put to use on the client’s Toyota RAV4 Prime right away. This charger would also be a great fit for any EV including the new Toyota bZ4X or the Lexus RZ 450e!

BLDG is specialized in EV, Solar and residential electrical services and retrofit projects. Learn more about our services for Residential EV Charger Installation here, or contact us today if you are looking for advice on a new or existing project.    


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