The Porsche Taycan is simply a fantastic EV sports car. It looks phenomenal inside and out and charges up to 19.2 kW/h (80A) on a Level 2 connection! With that said, being able to charge that quickly is only possible if you have a service and charging unit that can deliver that kind of power quickly.  

BLDG was recently selected to install a Porsche Level 2 charger in Edmonton at a home that had a 100A service that was already fully loaded. The power demands of in-home devices and appliances made it impossible to accommodate an EV charger on its own.

Our Solution: Add a Porsche Load Manager 

Porsche EV load manager

Our lead electrician recommended that the client purchase a Porsche EV Load Manager along with the Charger. The Porsche Load Manager is unique because it monitors the mains and communicates with the EV charger how much power is available. That means if the charger and car want 40A, but only 20A is available, the Load Manager will limit the charger so it only puts out 20A and doesn’t trip the main breaker.  

What is fantastic about the Porsche Load Manager is that it manages power availability dynamically as the vehicle charges. A standard load manager is an on/off device. If there isn’t the full 40 A available without tripping the main breaker, it disables the charger. The Porsche unit can always provide some charge regardless of the real-time energy demands of the house load on the panel. 

BLDG specializes in Porsche EV charger installations and delivers custom power solutions in the trickiest residential and commercial environments. We invite you to contact us with any questions regarding EV, Solar, or Electrical Construction projects.

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