Residential Solar Power Installation
Residential Solar Panel Installation Edmonton

One of our Edmonton clients had the vision to build a passive home that required no gas line, relying solely on alternative heating technologies like Geothermal Exchange and Solar Thermal energy. In fact, by building to passive home standards, the client’s hope was that his home would produce more power than needed, and be a net positive house. 

The Problem

There was just one problem; the energy required to run a Geothermal Exchange system as well as provide backup emergency heat was going to create an astronomical power bill. Without a natural gas line, backup emergency heat for the house was strictly electrical. This meant the house had to receive a 400A electrical service to put up with the demands of running Geothermal (heat pumps / transfer). 

The Solution

To offset the energy requirements, BLDG installed 30kW of LG 400 Watt solar panels, Unirac Solar PV Racking, inverters and power optimizer by Solar Edge. The solar array is a flat roof mounted, south facing, 5 degree tilt, ballasted system that required over 3 tons of concrete ballast to prevent the array from shifting in high wind. In total, BLDG installed a total of 75 solar panels (45 on the house, 30 on garage) to create a solar power system that could produce up to 37,500kWh annually. This solar array was designed to completely offset the annual electrical consumption of this house. 

After the project was done, we set up our client with a terrific power meter that could provide real-time performance data of his solar panels. The client could monitor energy production from the system, energy consumption of his house, as well as energy imports/exports to or from the power grid. 

Residential Solar Installation Project Edmonton - BLDG Case Study

The SolarEdge power optimizers and inverters also provide insights into how individual solar panels perform so that he could easily track performance with a change in weather conditions. This can all be viewed together with the power meter data on an online portal that was set up for the client.  

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