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We were pleased to help Carmacks Enterprises during the Fall of 2019 by programming and installing this unique controller by Distech. For this project, we created a plug timer controller for our client’s fleet of snowplows. 

The Problem

As a company, Carmacks was trying to be more environmentally conscious. For years during the winter season, their fleet would be plugged in constantly when not on the roads clearing snow. BLDG Electric started the project with an energy audit and here is what we discovered:

  • According to the equipment manager at Carmacks Edmonton, the heavy equipment uses a block heater (1500 W) and oil pan heater (300 W). If we assume that all circuits are used, you have a potential draw of 36 kW.  If these circuits are used for the 194 days that Edmonton typically has a sub-zero temperature, you have a potential energy consumption of 167,616 kWh annually.
  • Installation of a timer-based system would likely reduce the consumption by 40%.  Based on the numbers above that would be a reduction of about 67,000 kWh annually.
  • The initial investment for a Plug Timer would be recuperated within just 2 years.

The Solution

We programmed the Controls to create a variable slider based on the outdoor air temperature, which would prompt the plugs to turn on or off. The essential objective was to cycle the load so that vehicle block heaters still turn on in cooler temperatures, without wasting power heating them once they reach optimal temperature, or if weather conditions turn warmer.

When the outdoor air temperature drops beneath a preset minimum threshold, the plugs start cycling on and off. The plugs stay on for a longer duration as the temperature drops. Once outdoor air temperatures drop to a second setpoint, the plugs are on constantly. We also customized the controls so that the client could have the option to manually bypass the controls and turn the system into “hand” mode, which powers the plugs constantly.

Since the controls are securely connected to the web, the client has the ability to login to an online portal to review the performance of the controller. They could see what plugs are in use, as well as how many amps each circuit is drawing. 

For more on Distech, check out our recent articles called, Distech Controls - Features / Benefits for Building Automation Services. Contact BLDG Electric if you are interested in accessing the benefits of Controls and Building Automation Technologies. 

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