Building automation is no longer considered a luxury as occupants and tenants have come to expect the comforts, efficiencies, savings, and security that it affords. View more on why building automation is a necessary investment in 2020 and beyond. 

Of course, given the fact that you’re searching for information about Distech Controls, a leader in building automation solutions, you already understand the importance. Below is how you can optimize your facility with Distech Controls and with BLDG Electric you can Build Better.

5 Reasons Why Property Owners and Managers Demand Distech Controls for Better Building Automation in Edmonton AB

 1. Most Advanced Suite of Intelligent Building Solutions

 Distech Controls offering of intelligent building solutions is unparalleled, and collectively provide for optimal environments in your building. Their dynamic and real-time energy management tools can be controlled from installed interfaces in addition to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere, with no wiring required.

Their intelligent building solutions include the following:

  • Building Automation System (BAS) - Provides a cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring, and operational needs, optimizing your IoT building.
  • Software + Applications - Occupant mobile apps enable users to efficiently modify the environmental conditions of their space. Technical mobile apps enable configuration, programming, troubleshooting, commissioning and installation of your BAS.
  • System + Equipment Control - Provides powerful and advanced connectivity, control, monitoring and analysis for your “smart” building.
  • Room Control - Delivers a unique, modular solution designed for local or room applications, allowing occupants complete control of their direct environment (i.s. a single office, etc.).
  • Occupant Interfaces + Room Sensors - This diverse product range includes wired and wireless sensors, intelligent communicating sensors, communicating thermostats, intuitive occupant interfaces all of which offer a custom sensing capabilities.
  • Engaging + Easy to Use Displays - Display installations that complement the aesthetics of your space and offer a fully customizable user experience. 
  • Lighting + Window Shutter Controls - Allows you to optimize interior and natural lighting for greater energy efficiency, productivity, and aesthetics. 
  • Access Control - Offers mobile-friendly access reader technologies for an optimal occupant experience, in addition to photo ID badging, visitor management, and video monitoring integrations. 
  • Field Devices - Offers an extensive range of field devices to complement your BAS, including access control readers, air velocity sensors, current sensors, dampers and actuators, fluid sensors, gas sensors, humidity sensors, inverter (variable frequency) drives, light sensors, meters, network connectivity devices, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, panels and enclosures, power supplies and transformers, relays, signal converters, valves and actuators, and wireless connectivity devices. 

That may have been a mouthful, but it goes to show how comprehensive Distech Controls intelligent building solutions are.

Other key benefits include scheduling features, remote email and push alarms for key systems, a robust history engine and a HTML5 user interface to allow access from any device without requiring any proprietary programs.   In addition, all systems afford users with access to analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) so that you can analyze and make adjustments as needed. When integrated by the right vendor (more on this below) Distech Controls offers the ultimate in “building productivity” management.

2. Applications Across Numerous Industries (including yours)

 Distech Controls intelligent solutions have proven applications for a wide number of industries. While all residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal interests will experience a significant lift in building efficiency, the following industries have had especially great success with the above detailed solutions:

  • Office and commercial 
  • Hotels, resorts and hospitality
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Data centers

3. Offers an Average of 30% Energy and Operational Cost Savings

Distech Controls intelligent building solutions deliver up to 30 percent energy and operational savings, easily providing the ROI you need to justify the investment. If you own/manage more than one property, their analytics will allow you to compare energy and cost savings against other buildings so that you can see the difference.

There are additional incentives beyond financial. Employee retention is beginning to be more difficult in our current environment.  With a fully integrated Distech Controls system, staff comfort increases significantly, which can have a direct and positive impact on productivity. In addition, customer/client (as applicable) comfort is also positively correlated to increased “time on site” and consumer spending habits.

4. Helps You Get LEED Certified and with BOMA BEST

As you know, greater energy efficiency bodes well for sustainability goals, in particular for those seeking LEED Certification. Take a tour of Distech Controls own HQ as a shining example. With Distech Controls, your building can be designed to LEED standards. With fully integrated solutions for HVAC, lighting, security systems, shades, access control and more, you will gain unmatched energy efficiency. And if LEED Certification is not your mandate, there are other programs like BOMA BEST as well as potential provincial + federal tax credits that you may be eligible for.

5. Access to Distech Controls Right Here in Edmonton

All of the above doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have easy access to the above referenced building automation solutions. Thankfully there is a Distech Controls vendor near you - yours truly! Better yet, BLDG Electric is Edmonton Alberta’s premier building automation services provider, so you have found the proverbial one-stop shop for your area. View more about our BAS systems, or simply call us at (780) 328-6491 to discuss how you too can leverage the features of Distech Controls.

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