residential solar panel installation project edmonton - summer 2020

BLDG recently installed 7.2kW solar system on a client’s roof in Edmonton. The goal was simple. The client wished to offset their entire electrical consumption, as well as future proof their home for potential electric vehicle charging.

5 kW SolarEdge inverter - Residential Solar Installation EdmontonBLDG worked with the client to design an array that would work with the large trees to the south. We installed 2 arrays on the east and west slopes of the roof, allowing the client to maximize their solar production while avoiding the heavily shaded south portion of their roof.

We installed a 5 kW SolarEdge inverter on the outside of the building, next to the driveway. The client chose this location for the ability to add the SolarEdge EV Charger in the future.

The EV charger connects directly to the Solar Inverter which will save the client costs on the installation as no additional wires or breakers are required. 

Furthermore, if they are charging at the same time as the Solar PV system is producing electricity, the EV charger can provide 9.6 kW to the EV instead of the industry standard 7.2 kW recharging their EV faster!

During night time, the EV charger will continue to supply power to the EV via the grid at the standard 7.2 kW charge rate.

In addition to this, BLDG installed a SolarEdge power meter on the client’s main power panel. This monitor provides many attractive data points, but here are 4 we really like:

  1. It allows the homeowners to see their home’s total power consumption and production on a daily basis, including times where power production and power consumption are the highest.
  2. It allows them to see if the power produced by the PV modules is being consumed in their home or being fed back to the grid.
  3. It allows them to see and measure what power (if any) they are consuming from the grid.
  4. The power meter, in combination with the Inverter and Optimizers gives the client data down to the individual solar module, allowing him to see the production of each module and how the entire system is performing overall.

SolarEdge Power Meter - Residential Solar Installation Project in Edmonton

This array is will produce about 6,000kWh annually, which will be sufficient in offsetting the family’s entire electrical consumption.

This install also qualified for Edmonton’s current Solar rebate. The client can look forward to a rebate of $2,880 from the City of Edmonton now that the final inspection is complete, and all forms are submitted for processing.

Interested in solar for your home? Find out more on our Solar Panel Installation services page or contact us today. 

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