Our team of certified electricians at BLDG field a ton of calls and inquiries for EV charger installation, with the majority coming from excited first-time Tesla buyers. They’ve made their purchase, and their car is on its way. The only problem is how to charge the vehicle quickly from home. Seems simple since most people have done some basic research and see that they can purchase a level 2 charger. If only that were true. 

The first thing that needs to be defined for an EV installation is whether your residential home (including multi-unit residential environments) has enough available power to run a level 2 charger. 

Recently, we were asked to assess a residential property for a Tesla level 2 charger installation, and we discovered that the client had an almost fully loaded 100A service. This would generally preclude installing an EV charger. 

Solution: EV Load Manager

To mitigate the fully loaded 100A service, we installed an EV load manager that monitors the power draw on the service within the client’s home. If power consumption from other appliances and devices within the home gets too high, the EV load manager turns the Tesla EV charger off to prevent tripping the main house breaker. 

tesla charger installation - edmonton home - ev load manager

Why this matters for future Tesla buyers? Our EV solution for this client made it possible to charge at 9.6 kW without having to spend $6k - $30k to install a larger electrical service at their house.

BLDG specializes in Telsa EV charger installations and delivers custom power solutions in the trickiest residential and commercial environments. We invite you to contact us with any questions regarding EV, Solar, or Electrical Construction projects.

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