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Homeowners are opting out of curtains and traditional blinds to move towards automated shades. The latter offers better manipulation of natural light to work with the sun’s ever-changing position, reducing the need to rely on electricity to illuminate spaces in a home by day. Shades offer further efficiency by allowing the sun to enter and heat a home in the autumn and winter and expel it to reduce reliance on air-conditioning during Western Canada’s hot summer months.

There is no shortage of automated shading systems on the market to help a homeowner accomplish the above sustainability goals. However, there are fewer options that attain the requisite tasks while merging with the interior design of distinguished properties. Can shading systems merge optimal function with opulence? Can they become a part of what makes a luxury home, a luxury home? When a homeowner opts for Lutron Palladiom shade installation, they certainly can be. Lutron’s innovation is not just superior from a natural light and heat management perspective; it’s luxurious, if not downright beautiful. Read ahead to learn more.

How Lutron Palladiom Shade Installation Offers a Seductively Sustainable Solution to Managing Light and Heat in the Home

No Entanglements 

Lutron Palladiom Shade Installation - Edmonton Alberta, Kelowna BC

Ask homeowners what the number one frustration is with their existing blinds and shades, and they will often reference the cords and wires used to open and close them (manually or mechanically). The Palladiom wire-free shading system removes that entanglement from home life. They run off of batteries, which are hidden within the roller tube. The battery-end of the roller tube is easily lifted from its perch, allowing for batteries to be replaced through the end-cap without fuss. Remember that this only needs to be done about twice a decade. The system uses six D-cell batteries and has been designed for active energy optimization to sustain an industry-leading battery life of three to five years. 

Bare Minimum

Lutron Palladiom shades are designed with a minimalist aesthetic. The textile and meticulously hand-finished aluminum brackets may be vigorous in their construction, but they appear gossamer and delicate to the eye. Further, no pocket, fascia, or top treatments are required for installation. As a result, they complement any room without adding visual weight to the window spaces they’ve been installed on. Interior designers and interior architects alike appreciate this fact.

lutron palladiom shade installation edmonton alberta kelowna vernon bc

“Palladiom is the holy grail of automated shades. It’s rare that an aftermarket or retrofit solution is actually better than a more laboriously integrated installation, but this system is just that.” (Architectural Record)

“Palladiom shades complement the most sophisticated spaces.”

(Interior Design)

Complements Existing Design

lutron automated shades installer

The system comes in a selection of more than a half-dozen hand-finished materials that have been curated to aesthetically coordinate with Lutron Palladiom keypads, thermostats, and other system accents that may be in the home. Combined with the above-mentioned minimalistic design, this system further complements interior spaces.

Eyes Wide Shut (and Open)

Luxury homeowners throughout our area of Alberta and the eastern edge of the BC Okanagan Valley desire to view the beauty that surrounds them. Therefore, it is common for their homes to be designed with wide and expansive windows to draw the eye outdoors. This proves challenging for some systems but not for Palladiom. The shades can be used for windows up to 12-feet wide by 12-feet tall, occupying no more than 3.25”of vertical space when open.

Whispers Sweet Nothings

The precision alignment employed by Lutron in manufacturing the Palladiom shade system ensures ultra-quiet movement. Home occupants don’t have to worry about waking or disturbing anyone when opening or closing the shades at dawn or late at night. 

Beautiful + Intelligent

Lutron Palladiom shades represent an idyllic marriage of beauty and intelligence. The web-enabled system can be scheduled and managed remotely via the Lutron App, which is available on Apple and Google Play.

Plays Well with Others

A Western Canada homeowner’s Lutron Palladiom shade installation integrates seamlessly with the Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system. This can also be paired with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa,, Sonos, and many others! It allows for harmoniously combined lighting, shading, and temperature controls. Moreover, all shades in the same room will move at the same speed and at the same time due to Lutron’s Intelligent Hembar Alignment (IHA), creating an enthralling spectacle. 


The lack of wiring (and subsequent entanglement) removes one of the biggest threats as far as disrepair is concerned. Meanwhile, the components, brackets, shade, parts and accessories have been manufactured using premium materials to ensure a practically everlasting love affair with the Lutron Palladiom shade system.  

BLDG Electric offers Lutron Palladiom shade installation for luxury homes from Edmonton to the eastern edge of the Okanagan Valley in BC (Kelowna). Contact us today for a consultation.

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