In our recent article about how to make money by installing solar panels on your Edmonton AB home, we stated the importance for homeowners to act quickly before rebates dried up. Some assumed the call-to-action was merely a marketing tactic to encourage panel installation estimate requests. The call to action could not have been more timely or apt. 

The program, which launched on May 8 (2023) and was to remain open until August 31 (2023) reached its limit in just six weeks. As of June 21, it is now closed. More than 700 households signed up for the program to take advantage of the nearly $2 million in available funding. This pushes Edmonton’s goal of becoming a net-zero city by 2050 closer to the finish line. The city now boasts almost 2000 households capitalizing on the program, with $6 million doled out to savvy residents. 

Those who didn’t act quickly missed out on $1.96 million in direct rebates, which would have allowed them to receive potentially thousands of dollars back on solar panel upgrades to their homes. Edmonton homeowners who did qualify will get $0.40/watt towards their solar system, which covers approximately 15% of the costs of going solar. At 700 approved applicants for an available $1.96 million, an average of $2,800 is afforded to each household.

Are you among those who procrastinated? If so, we’ll give you a minute to digest.

Looking forward, you want to know what you should do, given that you missed the boat on the current round of solar funding from the city. Below is a breakdown of exactly how to proceed.

3 Things Homeowners Should do When They’ve Missed the Deadline for the Most Recent Edmonton Solar Rebate Programs of 2023-24

Step 1: Proceed with Plan to Switch to Solar

To begin with, don’t wait for a notice regarding the next Edmonton Solar Rebate Program. While it varies by size and layout of a home, position and choice of panels, quality of installation, and general usage, solar panels save the average homeowner around $1,500 each year. Why delay these savings any longer? 

Furthermore, the City of Edmonton doesn’t want you to wait, which is why it’s OK that you’ve missed the most recent program. Solar panel system owners who were unable to participate in the program when it reached capacity on June 21 (2023) can still proceed with the installation and can submit a rebate application as soon as the new one becomes available, as long as the system is installed within the one-year window of the interconnection approval date and all other standard program eligibility requirements are met. 

Worried that the City won’t release another program? Remember that Edmonton aims to become a net-zero city by 2050. We’re not there yet, not even close. Another Edmonton Solar Rebate Program will return, so get your head start today. Contact BLDG Electric for a detailed design and estimate. Below is a recently completed project completed for a happy Edmonton homeowner. See our Instagram page for more examples of our work. 

solar panel rebates edmonton

Step 2: Review Other Provincial and Federal Incentive Programs (and stay tuned)

As stated above, when additional funding becomes available, the City of Edmonton will launch another program. But also, as addressed in the action item, don’t wait for that to come around. Every month your delay comes with an unnecessary utility expense that could have been avoided if only you had already switched to solar. The good news is that there are very likely Provincial and Federal programs currently available for you to take advantage of today. 

We recommended looking into the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, which offers up to $5,000 in grants and $40,000 in interest-free loans for home energy retrofits and installing renewable energy systems. View more on this and other incentives right here.

Step 3: Choose the Most Efficient Solar Installer

You’ve wisely decided not to miss out on solar panels’ advantages any longer. You’re moving forward with the plan (Step 1), have checked for other incentives (Step 2), and are ready to get an estimate - Step 3! BLDG Electric offers an all-in-one solar PV array installation and maintenance service for residential property owners throughout the greater Edmonton area. We are a proud member of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta, and our staff are CSA NOC 7241 Certified for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems.  

Last but not least, solar installations are done by BLDG staff, qualified electricians. We do not subcontract our work. Do you have any additional questions? Contact BLDG Electric to ask or to schedule your home inspection, consultation, and estimate.

Edmonton Solar Rebate Program 2023 2024

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