Who knew that choice of motorized shades could be such a contentious topic? It indeed is, and through the years, online forums have lit up as homeowners and contractors alike ask for feedback on which system is best. The theme is fairly consistent, with Lutron leading the way in nearly every matchup. Reddit groups have even been created for the Lutron vs Hunter Douglas motorized shades debate. The consensus is practically always the same, with Lutron blinds and shades being crowned as the most worthwhile for homeowner investment. 

Are you looking to modernize your home in Northern Alberta or the BC Southern Interior (our service area) with motorized blinds and shades? Do you want a final answer on the Lutron vs Hunter Douglas (among other brands) debate? Below is a breakdown of key comparisons for your reference.

Who Wins the Debate About Lutron Motorized Blinds and Shades vs Competitors

What the Homeowners and Contractors Have to Say

As North Alberta’s (Edmonton, etc.) and the BC Southern Interior’s (Kelowna, etc.) residential electrical upgrade expert, BLDG Electric has been tasked with making decisions about which shading systems make the most sense for modern homes. We have come to the definitive conclusion that the Lutron is the best. While we expand upon this via the key performance indicators below, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Instead, let’s have a look at what homeowners and contractors have had to say on the matter:

"I have both systems. Hunter Douglas is unreliable in particular via its app control. The HomeKit integration sucks and doesn’t work properly. Rf range is bad and there are a lot of hiccups. The batteries (for new construction that’s probably hardwired), drain like crazy and you need to replace/recharge batteries every 4-6 months depending on usage. The Lutron system is much better, instant control, just works, very long battery life, never had any problems. There is no better system on the market."

Motorized Shades: Lutron or Hunter Douglas for New Construction (Reddit)

“People ask this question (and similar variants for lighting) all the time. We should have a sticky, because the answer is always the same: Buy whatever you want, but it won’t be a nice as Lutron. My entire house is Caseta and I have two (very large) Serena shades. The Lutron stuff I own isn’t just the most reliable and robust part of my smarthome, it’s probably the most reliable and robust piece of consumer electronics I’ve ever owned, period.”

MyLink Somfy, Rollease, or Lutron for Blinds (Reddit) 

“I think you should look at the fabrics and pick the shades that you want in your home based on that. I personally would choose Lutron over Crestron for shades.”

Lutron Serena Shades vs Lutron QS vs Crestron (Reddit)

These are just examples of the numerous Reddit groups that compare Lutron to supposed competitors. As alluded to in the introduction, the result is nearly always the same - aside from the initial cost investment, Lutron wins in the court of public opinion.

Winner: Lutron


The trifecta of Lutron roller shades, honeycomb shades, and blinds are synonymous with luxury. For one, their Palladiom wire-free shading system has been designed with a minimalist aesthetic. The textile and meticulously hand-finished aluminum brackets are as dignified and graceful in appearance as they are sturdy. Lutron’s roller shades complement and enhance the interior design of any space they are installed within. At the same time, Lutron’s motorized wood blinds are hand-crafted from North American basswood. This feature is to credit for the fact that Lutron wood blind slats always align across multiple blinds on the same wall to create a clean, crisp, and uniform look. It would be considered military-appropriate if it weren’t so darn elegant. 

Lutron vs Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades vs Somfy vs Crestron in Edmonton Alberta Kelowna Vernon BC

Conversely, the following expert from HOUZZ regarding the debate over Lutron vs Hunter Douglas sums things up quite succinctly:

“I just had woven wooden blinds installed on eight windows in a small house. Every shade has two pull cords (they’re bottom up) and each cord has an ugly two inch plastic oval with Hunter Douglas written on it screwed into the wall. I really hate them and wouldn’t have bought them if I knew they were part of the set up. Does anyone know how I can remove them?” 

And what about wall controls for shading systems? Below is a side-by-side comparison of standard Lutron (left) vs standard competitor wall controls: 

Lutron vs Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades Controls

Winner: Lutron

Custom Configurations with Lighting Systems

Handcrafted Lutron wall controls come available in dozens of colours, finishes, and configuration options. Buttons can even be personalized and engraved in a desired font. HD, Somfy, Crestron, and others did not have anywhere near this level of customization. The same advantage is found with settings. The latter comes down to web connectivity with pretty much any smart home system on the market, which we conclude this article with below. What you really need to know is that, unlike HD, Somfy, Crestron, and others, Lutron incorporates window shading systems with interior lighting at the most advanced level possible. Lutron motorized blinds/shades and artificial lighting speak to one another, so to speak. As a result, household occupants can attain any level of ambiance desired in a room.

Click the featured articles below to learn more about Lutron wall controls and configurations:

Lutron Alisse and Lutron Palladiom Wall Control Configurations
Lutron RadioRA3 SUNNATA + Pico Control Configurations 

Winner: Lutron

Motorized Blinds for Windows Edmonton Alberta Kelowna BC - Evening

Noise Level

Whether you prefer motorized blinds, rollers, or honeycomb shades, Lutron is renowned not just for noise reduction but noise obliteration. The precision alignment employed by Lutron in manufacturing their shading systems ensures ultra-quiet movement. Meanwhile, brands like Somfy (a purported competitor) manufacture shades that are known to emit a moderate buzzing whenever they open and close.

Winner: Lutron


Ultra-intelligent Lutron light management systems cannot be beat when it comes to integration and connectivity with other smart home software and hardware systems in Western Canada. Hunter Douglas, Somfy, Crestron, and others do not integrate with this entire list in the same manner that Lutron shading systems do: 

Lutron vs Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades vs Somfy vs Crestron Edmonton Alberta Kelowna BC 

Winner: Lutron 

If your property is located in Northern Alberta or BC Southern Interior you can rely upon BLDG Electric. We can assist with Lutron system selection, installation, post-installation custom configuration, and will be there for you for follow-up service if needed. Call us at (780) 328-6491 or email info@bldgelectric.com to ask about shading systems for your residence.

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