Edmonton DC Fast Chargers Installation

The EV boom is alive and well, even in cold weather climates like Edmonton. We installed a record number of chargers in 2022 for both single and multi-unit residential environments, businesses and commercial spaces. We recently had the opportunity to work with Volvo of Edmonton and installed multiple units to ready their operations for EV sales and service. 

The Challenge: Be Minimally Invasive

The last thing a luxury car dealership needs is to have its sales and service space turn into a construction site. Yet, for BLDG’s part, we needed to install two DC Fast Chargers and four level 2 chargers in strategic areas around their lot. Our solution was to drill horizontally across their main parking lot to avoid digging up the asphalt to install two external Level 2 chargers. We selected suitable areas on the exterior and interior of the building to install the remaining chargers.

Commercial Grade EV Chargers Installed

2x ABB Terra 24 DC Fast Chargers
3x  Charge Point CPF50
1x Charge Point CT4021

dc fast charger install electrician

Fully compatible with current and future electric vehicles, the Terra DC 24 fast charger is ideal for dealerships that may take on other EV brands as part of their used inventory. Secondly, they don’t take up nearly as large of a building footprint as other models in their category do. For vehicles that don’t require ultra-fast charging, we installed Charge Point CPF50 and CT4021 units. These are well-suited for organizations that need to care for a fleet of vehicles. 

BLDG is specialized in EV, Solar and new electrical construction and retrofit projects. Learn more about our services for Commercial EV Charger Installation here, or contact us today if you are needing advice on a new or existing project.    

volvo dealership ev charger installation in edmonton

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