The “smart home” concept is rooted in automation. This automation is made possible via the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a term used to describe a network of physical objects (“things”) that you normally find in a home. These objects are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies so that they can connect to and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. It’s why you can remotely brew coffee from the comforts of your bed or your exterior lights turn on as you approach your home on a cold winter evening.

In addition to digitally programming and controlling household features, activities, and appliances, home automation can make home life more convenient, secure, and energy efficient. This is particularly true for lighting and shading, which are integral to truly creating a comfortable home environment. An investment in smart lighting and shading also pays a lifetime of dividends in reduced utilities expenditure. 

That being said, not all automation technologies have been created equally, so households should do their homework before investing. The good news is we’ve done much of the research already. BLDG Electric is the premium automation provider for Edmonton and the Northern Alberta area homes. In having completed a wide number of home automation projects, we can confidently recommend one brand above the rest - Lutron. Lutron is a world-class provider of hardware and software solutions that deliver on lighting/shading efficiency, reliability, and aesthetics. Here are a few reasons why we think Lutron should be a part of your strategy for smart home automation.

Why Edmonton and Northern AB Homeowners Should Choose Lutron Lighting and Shading Systems as a Part of their Smart Home Automation Strategy

Lutron Lighting and Shading Systems Installation Edmonton Alberta

Room-Specific Lighting Solutions

Not everyone wants to convert their entire residence into a smart home from the get-go. Some prefer to test the waters by automating certain spaces, such as the living room, kitchen, or exterior lighting. Lutron offers homeowners the freedom to automate and customize lighting in any space with single-room solutions that include the application of dimmers, timers, and sensors. For instance, their LED + dimmer switches can enhance any family activity in the living room by providing just the right light (with over 250 lighting levels) with the touch of a finger. 

Whether nestling in to do homework, watch a movie, read a book, or enjoy a glass of wine over intimate conversation, lighting settings can account for it all. And when occupants leave the space, they won’t have to worry about turning lights on or off. Lutron occupancy/vacancy sensors automatically detect entry or exit and will respond accordingly. Households with teens to tots in tow will certainly appreciate the convenience and corresponding cost savings (more on this below). 

Whole Home Lighting Solutions

After experiencing Lutron’s single-room solutions, most homeowners opt for whole-home integration. Lutron has whole home solutions to accommodate any size of residence and budget and can be integrated with ease into new home construction in addition to entire home renovations. 

BLDG typically recommends the Lutron RadioRA 3 line with its Sunnata devices due to its feature set and modern look. This system supports up to 400 devices.  It features a full range of RF (radio frequency) connected controls, complete with a soft glow custom engraved keypads that makes it easy to find controls at night.  The system’s main repeater lets homeowners control lights and shades remotely from a smartphone or tablet using the FREE Lutron App in addition to their versatile Pico remote if you need a truly wireless solution. BLDG Electric will help you setup the system to automatically configure light and shade levels for activities that are typical to your home, with intuitively named settings such as Bright, Entertain, and Relax.

What if you’re taking up residence in a home that has an older generation Lutron system installed, or you want to be prepared to upgrade the system in the future? RadioRA 3 is backwards compatible with prior generations. In fact, integration with other smart home systems is seamless. RadioRA 3 connects with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home,, Honeywell Home, Sonos, Control4, and more. Furthermore, this system provides superior dimming for all popular load types, including LED, CFL, incandescent/halogen, ELV, and MLV. Watch the video below for further peace of mind that RadioRA3 (or any Lutron system) is right for your home:

Lastly, we want to draw the attention of large luxury homeowners’ in Alberta to Lutron’s most advanced system to date - HomeWorks. This system supports up to 10,000 devices and offers the most diversity in keypad styles and colours, along with customized options. This distinguishing solution also works with Lutron thermostats for HVAC control in addition to shading systems. Together with Lutron’s LEAP API, luxury homeowners are offered access to third-party integrations for enhanced security, climate control, A/V, home automation, and voice control.

Shading Solutions Too

Lutron also helps homeowners capitalize upon natural light. Given that Edmonton enjoys an average of 325 sunny days and 2,345 sunshine hours per year, while Fort MacMurray experiences an average of 2,089 hours and 306 days of sunshine per annum, you can draw positive implications accordingly. 

Lutron shading systems deliver precision control of natural light at the touch of a button and provide energy savings beyond the routine use of traditional shades. The Sivoia QS Triathlon or QS Wireless systems can be employed to control the entire line of Lutron automated window treatments, including roller shades, Venetian blinds, traditional drapery tracks, horizontal sheer blinds, Roman shades, and more. Because it’s wireless, it eliminates the need to communicate wiring between components, making it ideal for renovations and retrofits. The shading system utilizes the controls as the lighting system which offer seamless control of shades via the app, remote, or voice assistant (Alexa, etc.).

Customized to Complement and Enhance Home Decor

Whether choosing a system like Radio RA3, or the most advanced HomeWorks solution, homeowners have access to options that allow customization that will complement and enhance aesthetic appeal. For example, the above-mentioned RadioRA 3 panels can be color-customized to match room accents and finishings. Meanwhile, Lutron HomeWorks boasts hidden panels to eliminate dimmers and switches on the wall for optimal aesthetic control of your living space. The same conveyance of elegance is found with Lutron shading systems. These systems feature stylish controls and fabric options coupled with innovative technology to elegantly transform a space with an idyllic amount of light for any activity. Further, Lutron’s Serena shades come in handcrafted wood, insulating honeycomb, and roller styles to compliment any home’s interior design. Shading can be further customized with hundreds of fabric colours, textures, and finishes for homeowners to handpick from.

BLDG Electric offers Edmonton and Northern AB homeowners an unmatched opportunity to enjoy an elegant environment through smart home lighting and shading.

Significantly Reduces Home Utility Expenditure

It’s time to get to the bottom line. Lighting accounts for approximately 20% of the average homeowner’s monthly electric bill. Furthermore, smart management of window coverings (shading systems) can reduce heat gain (summer) and heat loss (winter) by up to 77 percent. Simply put, Lutron systems directly help increase energy savings throughout your home. You will see a return on your investment. 

If you have any additional questions about choosing Lutron for your smart home automation in Edmonton or Northern Alberta, contact BLDG Electric right away. We will manage system acquisition, installation, and future maintenance so that you don’t have to lift a finger. 

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