We say it a lot – Edmonton is a great place to generate power from the sun. Depending on the angle and size of your roof, it is both realistic for homeowners to completely offset their energy bill, earn money back from the grid, and earn carbon credits. BLDG was asked to install a 13.65kW solar system for a homeowner based in the town of Beaumont, next door to Edmonton. This home had an ideal south-facing roof area that allowed it to take full advantage of energy production. 

To make the system generate a lot more power we needed to update the electrical service with a bigger bus bar. We added a new electrical panel and meter by Leviton.
If you are thinking about adding solar, most homes will require a service upgrade. 

Product List:

  • 455-Watt Solar Modules by Longi
  • Solar Edge Inverter
  • Solar Edge Energy Meter
  • New Panel with a  225 Amp bus bar
  • Critter guard for rodents and birds protection

One unique feature that we included was to make the Inverter battery-ready. It’s become an increasingly popular option to have a back up power option in place especially for owners who really want to go off-grid. The owner also opted to go for the extended warranty for a total of 25 years on the equipment installed. All BLDG PV projects come standard with a 3 year workmanship warranty and a 12 year SolarEdge Inverter and Solar Module Parts Warranty.

Solar PV Installation for home in Beaumont

Grants and Incentives: 

At the beginning of the project, we helped identify and advise our client on possible tax, grants and funding incentives that our client could apply for with the Federal Government. With some fast-acting, our client was able to access the incentives provided by the city and is also accessing $5,000 in grant money through the Greener Home Program (federal government). 

Act now: The opportunity for homeowners to apply for a $5K grant is coming to an end in the near future. If you miss out on the grant opportunity, you can still apply for an awesome 10-year interest-free loan from the government with a value of up-to $40k for projects that make your home greener.

Like what you are hearing? BLDG specializes in Solar PV installation and power management solutions. If you are interested in adding solar to your property, contact us here or call us at (780) 328-6491.

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