This residential electrical project has been one of our most interesting. We were hired by a homeowner in the Wolf Willows neighbourhood of Edmonton to help them achieve their goal of powering their home and EV entirely with solar. 

Project Strategy

Solar Component: 

This was a larger home with a multi-directional roof design, meaning that we could install more panels than usual and maximize energy production throughout the day. In the end, we were able to install 26 solar panels (see roof image below). As part of the work, we installed a Solar Edge Inverter and a wall-mounted Solar Edge Energy Meter so the homeowner could see what he produces and consumes daily. 

Residential Electrical Contracting Project: EV Charging + Solar Installation

EV Component: 

Our client owned a super cool new BMW X5 plugin hybrid and stated that he might want to get a second electric vehicle in the future. With this in mind, we decided to install a Wallbox Pulsar level 2 charger with a wallbox energy meter to allow the charger to ramp its output up and down automatically based on the power that is current available at the electrical panel. In order to add a second charging unit in the future, we installed a sub-panel in his garage. 

Product List:

455-Watt Solar Modules by Longi 
Solar Edge Inverter
Solar Edge Energy Meter
Wallbox Pulsar Level 2 Charger
Wallbox Energy Meter

Grants and Incentives: 

At the beginning of the project, we helped identify and advise our client on possible tax, grants and funding incentives that our client could apply for with with the City of Edmonton, the Province of Alberta and the federal government. With some fast-acting, our client was able to access the incentives provided by the city and is also accessing $5,000 in grant money through the Greener Home Program (federal government). 

Act now: The opportunity for homeowners to apply for a $5K grant is coming to an end in the near future. If you miss out on the grant opportunity, you can still apply for an awesome 10-year interest-free loan from the government with a value of up-to $40k for projects that make your home greener.

If you are interested in learning more about home solar, EV charging, or electrical upgrades, contact us here to schedule a free estimate. 



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