BLDG regularly installs EV chargers for a variety of applications: fleet charging, parking lots, city streets, car dealerships, and condo units. We recently completed a project for Carmacks Construction that is the first of its kind in Canada: the installation of a portable DC Fast Charger by Heliox.  

The Heliox DC Fast Charger is manufactured in the United States and can charge any vehicle type, and is easily moveable wherever you have 100A 480V 3-Phase power. BLDG had the Heliox CSA certified for us in Canada for our client as well.

The Carmack’s organization has been utilizing EVs for several years now and went one step further by adding a massive Electric Loader with a 350kw battery for their Highway maintenance division. The portable charger allows the heavy-duty Loader to be active throughout the day, especially during extreme cold conditions in Edmonton.

Portable DC Fast Charging for Carmacks

Heliox DC Fast Charger Specs:

  • Output DC voltage range: 100 - 1000 V
  • Rated DC output power:  50 kW 
  • Maximum DC output current: 80 A

If you are interested in adding commercial EV charging to your property, contact us here or call us at (780) 328-6491.

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