BLDG experience with installing charging stations has broadened in the last two years as we have become familiar with several products on the market. GO Kia hired us to install a series of chargers to its dealership grounds including a EV3000 Bosch DC Fast Charger. The benefit to the dealership was that they could deliver a quick charge to their customers EVs that were in for service. 

Key insight about this installation, the 33kW DC fast charger is powered by a Delta EV duty transformer that we also installed. These transformers are specifically designed to handle the non linear loads of EV charging while having low losses and reduces harmonics. This transformer can handle the max draw better than your standard commercial transformer, which ultimately helps the charger have a longer life.

Bosch DC Fast Charger Features and Benefits

Bosch DC Fast Charger Features and Benefits

  • Charge 4 times faster than Level 2 AC charging stations
  • Ideal for Fleets, Public Parking Lots and Dealerships
  • Can charge new vehicles that operate at higher voltages
  • Includes SAE J1772 CCS Cable
  • High resolution 7" LCD display
  • IP 55 Indoor/outdoor weather resistant
  • 480v 3p 40A circuit
  • 3-year warranty

The second part of the installation included the construction and set up of five Siemens VersaCharge Gen 3 level 2 chargers. There’s lots to love about these units and BLDG has installed them multiple times for commercial and residential use in Edmonton. One important call out is its ability to perform in extreme temperatures: -40°C to +50°C. Here is a quick video that provides a quick overview of the unit itself from Siemens:

BLDG specializes in EV charger installation and power management solutions. If you are interested in adding Level 2 and DC fast chargers to your property, contact us here or call us at (780) 328-6491.

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