It’s the spring of 2024, and sales for EV vehicles appear to be down. However, BLDG has experienced a significant increase in inquiry volume for EV charger installations for homes, commercial use, condo complexes, and even municipalities. The need to build reliable charging infrastructure is key for the transition to EVs, especially in colder provinces like Alberta. 

The city of Wetaskiwin recently tapped BLDG to install two commercial-grade level 2 chargers for their residents. For this particular application, we selected Siemens Level 2 VersiCharge Gen 3. BLDG is a partner of Siemens and we’ve installed many of their charging units around Greater Edmonton. The VersiCharge Gen 3 has a few attractive features, but the first one to consider for Alberta is its ability to perform reliably in extreme weather conditions – -44 Celsius. Whether it’s installed for home or business, here are a few other helpful features:

  • Comes with an easy-to-use mobile application
  • Can charge any standard EV with just a tap of a button from your phone
  • Wall or post mounting options
  • Energy Star Certified 
  • EV Gateway for performance monitoring
  • EV Gateway backend for payments 

For the Wetaskiwin Operations Department, we set them up so they could easily access the EV Gateway remotely 24 hours a day, monitor usage and ROI, and respond quickly to any maintenance needs.  

11.5kW level 2 chargers for the City of Wetaskiwin

Keys for Commercial EV Charger Installs 

Adding EV charging to your property can provide a lot long long-term value, but there is an important checklist that we think everyone should be aware of in advance of an EV project: 

  1. Electrical service capacity: does your property have the capacity to add a charger based on your current service from Epcor? 
  2. Have you looked into city permitting requirements? 
  3. Government Incentives: have you reviewed the available tax credits, grants, and funding options available for commercial EV? This is a speedy way towards ROI. 

If you are interested in adding commercial EV charging to your property, contact us here or call us at (780) 328-6491.

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