A big transition happened for residential electrical contractors in Edmonton when circuit breakers replaced fuses in homes back in 1935. It revolutionized the management of household electricity overnight. Since then there have certainly been advancements, yet nothing as transformative as what occurred nearly a century ago. But now Leviton, a leader in energy management systems, has arrived to deliver a long overdue leap in circuit breaker technology with the Smart Load Center. Contractors, architects, builders, developers, and end-users all over key markets in the U.S. and Canada are learning to leverage the power of this intelligent system. Now it’s time for those in Edmonton to do the same - here’s why.

Why Contractors and Developers Are Switching to the Leviton Smart Load Center to Help Edmonton Homeowners Better Manage Electrical Use

The Definition of SMART

Smart Load Center by Leviton - Edmonton

The term “smart” gets thrown around a lot in contemporary development as some form of IoT is integrated into every nook and cranny of homes. But this Load Center is SMART in every modern sense of the word, creating the most robust electrical management hub and residential load center you have ever seen. With integrated Wi-Fi or Ethernet hub the load center can be managed and controlled with a single app, allowing homeowners, property managers, and residents the opportunity to effortlessly control load center activities and lighting from anywhere, be they at the office or on vacation on the other side of the world. All they need is a smartphone or tablet and it will be as if they are standing in front of the panel.

“If you think of adding smart plugs and smart hubs to our homes as installing a layer of intelligent mini appliances, installing a connected Load Center and Smart Circuit Breakers is a whole house brain transplant.” (Digital Trends) 

Offers Better Protection and Safety

The primary job of a circuit breaker system is to protect the electrical wire and devices from "overcurrent" and "short circuit" situations. In fact, it is often considered to be the most important safety mechanism in a home. The superior technology behind the Smart Load Center focuses on improved safety. Hydraulic-magnetic trip technology ensures precise tripping even in the most extreme Edmonton temperature ranges while Leviton GFCI, AGCI, and Dual-Function circuit breakers feature a patented reset lockout that will not reset if ground or arc fault protection is compromised, notifying users (homeowners and occupants) of the failure in the process. Traditional load centers do not do this, and leave users in the dark with respect to arc flash and fire hazard protection. The smart system provides LED diagnostics to provide occupants with a means to identify trip condition and type of fault.

Easy to Install

Leviton’s Smart Load Center can be installed with ease, cutting down on time estimates that typically weigh heavy on the minds of developers. Its residential circuit breakers are the only kind on the market to offer an entirely plug-on design. In addition, Hot and Neutral wires terminate at custom lugs in the panel instead of the circuit breaker which eliminates the need for pigtails. In allowing branch wiring without the circuit breaker, all connections are made before circuit breaker insertion which provides plenty of room for contractor hands to move freely about the panel. Being free of excessive wires and pigtails also allows building inspectors easier access to examine and test the system. In the end, you’re looking at an approximate 25% reduction in installation time, which puts you one-stop closer to delivering a completed smart home to your clients.

Easy to Use

It’s one thing for contractors and developers to find installation easy, but what about the occupants of a given residence? Will they be able to understand and manage the system to ensure optimal output? With distinguishing indoor and outdoor load centers, the answer is a resounding YES. The Smart Load Center is absolute in its logical functionality. The distinctive rocker-style actuator allows for seamless switching, with color indicators in the actuator handle define operational status at a quick glance. Intuitive LEDs communicate trip condition and type of fault ((AF/GF) and stay illuminated even when the circuit breaker is in a tripped state. There is even an optional observation window to allow residents the option to check operational status without having to open the cover which provides additional peace of mind.

Aesthetically Appealing

Integrating tech into a residential environment sometimes comes at the expense of aesthetics, which is why some architects, developers, and designers shy away from it. Leviton understands this and has made sure to not only manufacture a superior smart home product in function, but in appearance too. Free of excess wires the physical Smart Load Center installation with white circuit breakers and white indoor enclosure (outdoor enclosures are gray) is sleek, modern, and may even be considered a conversation piece for a homeowner’s guests.

Experts Are Singing Its Praises

Builders and contractors have spoken up but even industry media have been captivated by the Load Center system, heralding its role in smart home development. Enough from us, here’s what the experts are saying:

“There have been after-market products that can monitor energy use in your home before, but Leviton’s system goes a step further by integrating smart technology directly into the breaker box and individual circuit breakers, giving homeowners far more information on the power management in their homes.” (The Verge)

“"Finally, an electrical panel for the 21st century. It has LED-lit circuit breakers that show you what’s working, what’s tripped, and whether the trip was a ground-fault or an arc-fault. It sends trip alerts to your smart device, and lets you track power usage – and cost – for your whole house or individual circuits. Did you forget to turn off the oven? Use your phone to trip its circuit remotely.” (This Old House via CSO Magazine

Are you ready to adopt the new standard in residential electrical? Gain a competitive advantage by offering your residential clients in Edmonton AB the best in electrical management. BLDG Electric is Edmonton’s premier installer of Leviton Smart Load Center systems and we will make sure the switch to more intelligent residential electric goes without a hitch. Contact us today to learn more.

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