Tenant improvements relate to upgrades made to commercial buildings to accommodate the needs of occupants in addition to municipal, provincial, and federal requirements. They typically include the updates and retrofitting of floor and wall coverings, ceilings, roofing, partitions, HVAC, lighting, fire protection, and security systems. To varying degrees; energy efficiency and IoT technology play a significant role in each and in 2020 this will prevail. In order to abide by building codes, meet demand, and drive favourable and sustainable occupancy rates, property managers and owners must recognize the following trends in tenant improvements. 

Top 4 Trends in Tenant Improvements for Commercial Buildings in Edmonton Alberta

1. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting installation is one of the more practical tenant improvements for 2020. For one, it will significantly reduce monthly utility expenditure as LEDs use 75 to 80% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescents. In addition, approximately 90% of the energy consumed by incandescent lighting is given off as heat which strains HVAC cooling systems in the summer months. Given that Smart LED lighting features app-intelligence, light harvesting, occupancy sensing, and scheduling features, energy efficiency is invariably accompanied by enhanced security and improvements in overall livability. Smart lighting also allows property owners to qualify for provincial programs and municipal grants, rebates, and tax credits. View more on the benefits of smart lighting installation.

2. Solar Panels

Edmonton AB receives the second-highest amount of sunshine of all Canadian cities, delivering an estimated 2345 hours and 352 days of pure sunshine each year. This makes solar module installation one of the most logical improvements. The efficiency ratings for most solar photovoltaic (PV) systems run between 15 and 20% with LG modules sitting at the top of that scale. Premium LG solar PV products have an average efficiency rating of over 21% while exhibiting lower levels of attrition so that after 25 years the modules maintain an average output of 85%. With significant improvements in energy efficiency and tangible ROI, solar panel installation is a top priority for property owners. Factor in the updated Edmonton solar panel rebate program and this retrofit is more viable than ever before.

Due to advancements in solar panel installation technology, panels can be installed with greater ease on multi-residential complex roofing in addition to the sides of buildings, on flat roofs, on individual balconies, and integrated into the landscape of the surrounding property. View more on BLDG Electric’s solar contracting services.

3. Unified Building Management Systems

Building Automation Systems (BAS) offer automatic centralized and scalable control of a property’s critical electrical systems. The benefits include greater energy efficiency, adherence to Alberta building codes, and improved security along with enhanced reporting capabilities and monitoring from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device from any remote location. While considered a necessary investment for 2020, it’s important to recognize that not all building automation systems are created equally. The most advanced suite of intelligent building solutions is available in Edmonton - Distech Controls. Distech Controls offers a superior BAS that leverages software and applications to deliver the following:

  • System + Equipment Control 
  • Room Control 
  • Occupant Interfaces + Room Sensors 
  • Engaging and Easy-to-Use Displays 
  • Lighting + Window Shutter Controls 
  • Access Control (see EC-BOS-8
  • Field Devices 
  • Analytics and Key Performance Indicators

When professionally integrated into your building environment, Distech Controls intelligent building solutions can deliver up to 30% energy and operational savings, providing an ROI necessary to justifying this 2020 tenant improvement.

4. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations

The federal government announced a new incentive for electric vehicle (EV) owners in the second quarter of 2019. The stimulus plan is providing a rebate of up to $5000 CAD for qualifying vehicles. This, along with the other financial incentives of owning an EV have increased the demand for charging station installation in residential buildings in 2020. Property owners looking to increase occupancy and qualify for provincial/federal energy efficiency programs along with LEED certification will need to install (or increase the number of) charging stations. BLDG Electric delivers custom power solutions for the leading electrical vehicle brands and can accommodate the most complicated of residential environments. View more on our electric vehicle charging station installations services. 

BLDG Electric will help you implement all of the tenant improvements needed for 2020. Contact us at (780) 328-6491 for a consultation.  

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