Distech Controls is an industry leader in intelligent building solutions. Among their products is the EC-BOS-8, an access control solution that offers integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management capabilities. Armed with web connectivity and functionality, the EC-BOS-8 streams useful data and graphical representations to a standard browser remotely over the internet or through an Ethernet or wireless LAN. 

Building owners and property managers in Edmonton Alberta are leveraging the power of Distech Controls’ cutting edge building management solution. Here is how EC-BOS-8 delivers better performance, a positive return on investment, and greater overall satisfaction.

Distech Controls EC-BOS-8 Overview Including Applications, Features, and Benefits for Edmonton Alberta Buildings 

I. Operates With the EC-Net 4 Supervisor Platform

More than just a building management system, Distech Controls’ EC-Net 4 Supervisor Platform provides all of the building management tools needed to enhance building performance and rapidly react to a number of situations that may adversely affect energy costs, business performance, and ultimately a property owner’s bottom line. It provides a cost-effective and scalable integration of all control, monitoring, and operational needs that results in an average cost savings of 30%. It is also the first and only Smoke Control System based on the Niagara Framework. More succinctly, it is a software platform that makes building management at an enterprise level possible. EC-BOS-8 operates with the EC-Net 4 platform, allowing for a truly robust, unified, and integrated building management system.

II. Applications of EC-BOS-8

Because of EC-BOS-8’s scalable licensing model, modular hardware, and integration with EC-Net 4 Supervisor, the controller and server platform is well suited for installation in small buildings, multi-residential complexes, commercial spaces, industrial facilities, and more. There isn’t a building in Edmonton that cannot leverage the features of EC-BOS-8.

III. Features of EC-BOS-8

Superior Hardware Platform - Each EC-BOS-8 unit offers 2GB storage. It can bear the load of EC-Net 4 and supplementary user data. In addition, the 1000MHz processor with secure boot feature renders faster performance along with authentication of data storage in advance of station startup. An integrated USB port allows support for station backup and restoration. Backward compatibility (a function that permits interoperability with older legacy systems) allows EC-BOS-8 to run a Distech Controls EC-NetAX station.

Modern Design - Manufactured for simplified installation and integration, the new modular design of the EC-BOS-8 provides for seamless installation, integration with EC-Net 4 (or applicable legacy systems) and quick deployment. In addition, a pair of on-board isolated RS-485 ports enables connectivity with BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU devices. The end result is a design that allows users to easily monitor system status and diagnose possible network issues with a simple glance at the front panel LEDs. Lastly, since the design is powered directly by global standard 24VAC/DC power supply it does not require an additional voltage transformer.

Wireless Capability - When interfacing with the next generation of wireless sensors and devices, EC-BOS-8’s standard Wi-Fi connectivity enables more robust wireless capability. The system is also configured to be an access point so that designated parties’ smartphones and tablets can display useful and graphically represented data. Should the EC-BOS-8 interface with other wireless field buses in connected buildings, remote capabilities expand significantly.

Option Modules - EC-BOS-8 allows controller attachment for up to four option modules for additional communications ports. These modules include LonWorks®, RS 232 and RS 485 networks, and Wiegand access readers. The controller and option modules have been manufactured for effortless mounting on a 35mm-wide DIN rail.

Complete Integration - EC-BOS-8 brings together the Building Automation System (BAS) with email alarms, system history, within a building under a single controller.  Further, it can integrate the access control system including all of the doors, card readers, and cameras. Multiple EC-BOS-8s can then be connected to a single PC or server to allow insight and monitoring into all commercial assets with equipped EC-BOS-8s through a single interface.

Scalable License Model - EC-BOS-8’s licensing model includes standard open protocol drivers such as BACnet®, LonWorks®, Modbus® by default along with optional field bus expansion modules. This feature allows for superior flexibility and expandability. Simply establish the number of integrated points required and choose the appropriate capacity license. As requirements grow, license upgrades can be purchased accordingly with ease.

IV. Benefits of EC-BOS-8

Contributes to Significant Energy Cost Savings - As a part of Distech Controls unified and integrated building management system, EC-BOS-8 will contribute to an energy cost savings that average at 30%. Building owners begin to realize an ROI from the moment EC-BOS-8 is integrated with EC-Net 4 Supervisor, assuming the installation is completed by a professional offering in-depth experience with Distech Controls intelligent building management systems.

Better User Experience - All of the features addressed above deliver a far better user experience when compared to the alternatives on the market. The end-user enjoys more robust and engaging data delivery made remotely available on smartphones and tablets.  The end-user is able to navigate the system through HTML5 and without the need to install any programs on their PC, Mac, Android, or Apple device. For this reason, building owners and managers in Edmonton are switching to the EC-Net 4 platform (w/EC-BOS-8) at a rapid pace.

Meets LEED Standards - Like all Distech Controls’ intelligent building solutions, EC-BOS-8 has been designed to the Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Green Building Council’s LEED® standards. EC-BOS-8 will accommodate the needs of building owners seeking certification, silver, gold, or platinum status. 
The overview of applications, features and benefits above provides peace of mind that EC-BOS-8 is the right choice for homes, multi-residential complexes, hotels, office buildings, university campuses, industrial warehouses, medical facilities, and more. However, there is a lot more to know regarding EC-BOS-8 model selection, core software, device integration packs, device upgrade packs, software maintenance agreements, software options, hardware accessories, add-on modules, and product specifications. 

BLDG Electric will cover it all as we show you how to leverage the power of EC-BOS-8 and other unified Distech Controls’ intelligent building solutions. We can help you with the JACE 8000 and FX80 units by Distech as well. Contact BLDG Electric at (780) 328-6491 to discuss your needs.

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