New construction homes and those needing modernization upgrades are looking towards Western Canada’s leading manufacturer of smart home automation products - Lutron. You can learn more about their robust suite of recommended automation systems here. The intent of today’s article, however, is to shine a spotlight on two of their premium controls. After all, it’s the keypads and remotes that homeowners and household occupants use to optimize and manage lighting and more within the home. Below is a practical summary of Lutron RadioRA3 SUNNATA + Pico controls.

Lutron RadioRA3 SUNNATA Pico Controls Edmonton Alberta Kelowna BC

Review of Lutron RadioRA3 SUNNATA + Pico Light (and more) Management Controls for Modern Homes in Western Canada 


One system BLDG Electric typically recommends for smart home automation is the Lutron RadioRA 3 line, predominantly due to the RF (radio frequency) SUNNATA controls. There are three types of SUNNATA RF controls, which we summarize below. 


This is the most elegant of the three but also the most governing. Homeowners enjoy the ease of having one single keypad with two-to-four button configurations to control groups of devices. One keypad can control dimmers, light switches, ceiling fans, automated shades and other integrations such as audio systems. In addition to straightforward functions (i.e. ON/OFF toggle control), RF connectivity allows for scheduling, scene setting, and customizable dimming / fading. The keypad itself is an aesthetic marvel. Designed with a soft glow (that can be turned off if desired), household occupants can access the keypad in the darkest of spaces. Meanwhile, each button on the keypad can be personalized with text, icons, or a hybrid of both. Further, the keypad offers homeowners the opportunity to choose from a variety of colours for the wallplate to ensure cohesion with room design and decor. The gloss finish wallplate comes in four colours (white, ivory, light almond, and black), while the satin finish offers 20 colour varieties. The video below provides a quick (17-second) peek at configuration options:


SUNNATA RF Touch Dimmer with PRO LED+ Technology and RF Companion Dimmer

This wall control allows occupants to manage light with a touch or swipe of the light bar. It features PRO LED+ advanced technology for superior dimming of LED, halogen, incandescent, MLV and ELV lighting. Like the SUNNATA RF keypad, this dimmer casts a soft glow, with light bar brightness that can be adjusted or turned off as desired. As a controller of lighting systems in the home, energy efficiency-conscious homeowners appreciate the easily adjustable dimming range. This Lutron product will help homeowners get more from bulb performance.  As a companion to the SUNNATA RF keypad collection, the dimmer line comes available in four wallplate colours for the gloss finish and 20 wallplate colours for the satin finish. 

The SUNNATA RF Touch Dimmer is seamless and effective. 

SUNNATA RF Touch Dimmer

SUNNATA RF Switch and RF Companion Switch

Looking for a replacement for a standard light switch but with the same simplicity for on/off lighting control? The SUNNATA RF Switch and RF Companion Switch deliver exactly that while provisioning system control from the Lutron app, keypads, sensors, the Pico remote (more on this below), and other connected devices. As a companion to the SUNNATA RF keypad and dimmer collection, the RF switch is available in the same four wallplate colours for the gloss finish and the same 20 wallplate colours for the satin finish.  

SUNNATA RF Switch and RF Companion Switch

Night and Day Modes

Unsure about how you can employ the above SUNNATA wall controls in your home? Is your property located in Western Canada (Edmonton, BC Okanagan Valley, etc.)? Connect to BLDG Electric for help. We will assist with purchase and configuration decisions, installations, and integrated connectivity. Call us at (780) 328-6491 or email today.


Enjoy the same convenience of Lutron wall controls in your hand. This remote permits control of lights, shades (such as Lutron Palladiom), and home entertainment systems from anywhere in the automated home. It can easily be programmed to manage individual or multiple devices. The Pico remote comes in multiple configurations to account for lighting, shading, audio/video, and scene setting.

Pico Remote Configurations

Pico is also available in four colours (white, ivory, light almond, and black) for the gloss finish and three elegant colours (snow, biscuit, and midnight) for the satin finish. 

There’s no need to concern yourself about where to place the Pico remote, either. Lutron has developed wall and pedestal mounts. Not only does this provide a place to return the Pico remote, but it (the pedestal mount) also provides homeowners with a switch control that can be placed anywhere in the house. For instance, a pedestal-mounted Pico remote can be affixed to an end table next to a living room lounger and the like.

 pico remote mount

Call BLDG Electric at (780) 328-6491 or email to ask about Pico controls for your home in Edmonton, Northern Alberta, and eastern region of the BC Interior (Vernon, Kelowna, etc.).

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