Keypads to control lighting systems (artificial light · shades · blinds) aren’t what they used to be. Armed with web-enabled tech, AI, and machine learning, they offer functionality you expect to find in the annals of NASA headquarters! However, some of these advancements in technology have come at the expense of elegant design and simplicity of use. One manufacturer has stepped up to protect both user experience and visual nobility while leveraging technological advancements. That manufacturer (dare we say artisan) is Lutron. When it comes to wall controls for luxury homes in Western Canada, there are two options that we at BLDG Electric endorse with confidence: Lutron Alisse and Lutron Palladiom. Read ahead to discover a match best suited to your home and household.

Wall Controls for Luxury Homes in Western Canada

Review of Lutron Alisse and Palladiom Light Management Wall Controls for Luxury Homes in Western Canada 


Unlike most other wall controls on the market in Western Canada, Lutron’s Alisse wall controls are hand-crafted to perfection and are thoughtfully tailored to consider the interior design of a home. They aesthetically and functionally mirror the very same installations that they control. Speaking of the latter, this control system doesn’t just adjust natural and artificial lighting, it allows homeowners to orchestrate a visual symphony at the touch of a button. Think we’re being dramatic? Keep reading.

Custom Configuration

To begin with, the physical design of the Alisse keypad can be customized. You can choose either a one-button, two-button, or three-button set-up, displayed horizontally in a row or vertically as a column. If you desire multiple controls, that is viable, too, as the keypad can be configured to accommodate up to nine buttons. However, homeowners are most excited about matching finish options to their home design and decor. Elegant finishes include the following:

  • Aged Brass
  • Aged Bronze
  • Architectural White
  • Bright Chrome
  • Brilliant White
  • Brushed Brass
  • Champagne
  • Graphite
  • Matte Black
  • Satin Nickel
  • Snow White

If that weren’t enough, Lutron gives distinguished customers/clients the option to personalize the keypad with custom engraving. For instance, you can label a button matter-of-factly as “Patio Light” or be more poetic as in “Illumine Lanai,” depending on the Helvetica font size you select (yes, you can select font size too). You can even engrave icons instead of text for an added air of subtlety. 

Wall Controls for Luxury Homes - lutron electronics


Lutron’s Alisse wall controls are predominantly found in new construction luxury homes that are integrated with Lutron HomeWorks to offer universal control. The web-enabled Alisse also integrates with several systems, including Lutron and Sonos. If you’re unsure about how you can enjoy Alisse Wall Controls in your new home or for a luxury retrofit, and your home is located in Western Canada (Edmonton, Canmore, BC Okanagan Valley, etc.), you can connect to BLDG Electric for help. We will assist with purchase and configuration decisions, installations, and integrated connectivity. 

Call us at (780) 328-6491 or email to ask about Alisse wall controls for your luxury home.


Lutron’s Palladiom shade installations are known as the seductively sustainable solution to managing natural light. Their roller shades and blinds have redefined luxury in the window coverings industry. This is partly due to Lutron’s attention to the smallest detail, including the wall controls. 

palladiom wall controls luxury homes - edmonton alberta - kelowna bc

customizable wall switchesCustom Configuration

Palladiom keypads can be custom configured for functional preferences and to elevate the existing design and decor of a given space. Homeowners may select either an upward rectangle or square shape, with a two to four-button layout and three types of finishes - Architectural Matte, Architectural Matte, and Glass. Architectural Matte comes in multiple colour options (almond, beige, black, white, brown, gray, ivory, light almond, sienna, and taupe). 

The keypads can be engraved with preferred text and there are more than six dozen icon engraving options to select from. Further, the white backlighting on the keypads adjust automatically to account for ambient lighting in the room. This dynamic backlighting feature is a thoughtful bonus that enhances accessibility and usability. 

Furthermore, the Palladiom thermostat keypad pairs perfectly with the natural lighting controls, offering the same user-friendly experience and attention to visual appeal.


Palladiom wall controls integrate seamlessly with the Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system. HomeWorks can be paired with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa,, Sonos, and more to allow for harmoniously combined lighting, shading, and temperature controls.

Call BLDG Electric at (780) 328-6491 or email to ask about Palladiom wall controls for your luxury home in Edmonton, Northern Alberta, and the eastern region of the BC Interior (Vernon, Kelowna, etc.).

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